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First of all, we would like to say Welcome to the Southern Winds Siberian Huskies website.We hope that you enjoy your visit here at Southern Winds Siberians! We have made our site very informative about huskies and easy as to access as possible, while keeping beautiful graphics and alot of pictures of Siberian Huskies on the pages, for your viewing pleasure! If you have any questions about siberian huskies feel free to e-mail!We are located in Alabama.

We have been living with Siberian Huskies for over 15 years and we have come to love and appreciate every aspect of the husky breed.Our Siberian Huskies are considered to be extended family,with each husky having his or her own unique personality.We have three teen age children that help take care of the Huskies. Of course,the Huskies love to play with the kids and the kids devote alot of their time with the Huskies,

We do not show our dogs, but I have shown in the past and its not for me. However,we are working with some on obedience ,agility and working them in harness. Each dog has it's own kennel, plus we have a three acre run and an acre and a half pond.So the dogs have alot of room to run and play.

We do occasionaly breed. We have researched the bloodlines to ensure there are no genetics problems. We do not breed just to get that perfect look in a dog, health is our primary concern. Our puppies are AKC reg. and raised on Hill's Science Diet.

They are vet checked and shots are given by vet. They will have a 6 week shot and another shot at 8 weeks prior to shipping. Puppies are wormed, we began worming them at 3 weeks and continue untill they leave.We do guarantee against congintal and genetic defects for the first 2 years of the dog/puppys life,providing puppy/dog is kept up on shots ,worming and heartworm treament and has a yearly health checkup. We sell pet quality puppies only.We have a Puppy health contract that will need to be signed when you reserve a puppy.

Bonding between new owner and the pup is very important and its behavior will be determined by the way you raise the puppy. Since behavior is a learned trait. Human contact is the key, we began socialization with the puppies immediately after birth, assuring possitive mental and physical growth.

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