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Hello! Welcome to Southern Winds Siberian Husky website. Southern Winds is the home of AKC Siberian Huskies and AKC Siberian Husky Puppies as well as several other animals and rescues. We got interested in the Sled Dog breed after acquiring our first two females in 1986. We immediately fell in love with the Siberian Husky Snow Dog and started our kennel. Over the years , we have dedicated allot of time to producing Siberian Huskies and Husky puppies of the highest quality .We strive to raise quality family pets with great temperaments.Southern Winds is located in the mountains of North Central Alabama. Our Huskies enjoy all the freedom of the slow, easy country life.

Siberian Huskies

Our Huskies have a 2 acre Husky run with an acre and a half lake , which is perfect for Siberian Husky Snow Dogs! All of our AKC Siberian Huskies and Puppies have been bred to have strong minds and bodies. Siberian Huskies are great with Children , because they have an extremely patient personality. We began socializing our Snow Dog babies , giving them allot of love from day one up until the time they are ready for their new homes. Our website has information about the History of Siberian Sled Dogs. We also provide information about Leonard Seppalla and the "1925" Serum Drive as well as the origin of the Siberian. We also have tons of pictures of Siberian Huskies, Husky puppies ,Sled Dogs and Snow Dogs for your viewing pleasure!

The Siberian Husky originated in Siberia and Siberian Huskies were called Chukchi dogs,named after the people that bred them.Siberian huskies were used as hunting and working {pulling sleds} dogs.Siberian Huskies were imported to the U.S. around the early 1900's.The first Siberian Huskies were bought at the Markovo Fair and then imported to Alaska.Over the years Siberian Huskies have developed steadily,thanks to all the siberian husky Kennels who put a lot of time and effort in producing sound siberian huskies.

Southern Winds Siberians also provides a Sled Dog rescue service for Huskies , Sled Dogs as well as other Northern Breeds .We help to place them in new loving , caring and responsible homes. Southern Winds Siberian Huskies is also the home to several other animals and rescues which have been spayed and neutered. Living in the house at Southern Winds are 2 rescued Chihuahuas (Ben and Bonnie), my daughters Chihuahua (Snowy), my youngest son’s Pomeranian (Socks), 2 rescued kittens (Jade a Siamese and Demon just a common gray and white kitty!) and a rescued Persian named Angel (aka She Devil!). Outside we have a black cat named Magic and a rescued Bloodhound named Cletus. All of these animals live in perfect Harmony together here at Southern Winds Siberians! Before leaving our website please check out the Siberian Husky books for further information on Husky health care and books on training your new Husky puppy. Please come back us visit us soon!

Siberian Husky Puppies

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